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How to choose the best intimate hygiene product

Before we start, let's answer the question we all have: why use a specific intimate hygiene product? The answer is simple. Sweat, vaginal, menstrual and urethral dirt that can accumulate in the vaginal area is made up of water and lipids. In order to remove these residues, we must use a specific hygiene product...

Why use intimate hygiene?

Because the intimate area is more susceptible to attack from microorganisms than other areas of the body, maintaining good intimate hygiene is very important.

Vaginal dryness

What is it and wow to prevent it? Everything you need to know about vaginal dryness: Here is an infographic that shows the causes, symptoms and how to prevent it. There are three allies to alleviate it: DELIGYN MUCUS, INTERNAL MOISTURISER and INTERNAL MOISTURISER. Choose the one that best suits your needs!