Todo lo que debes saber sobre la cistitis
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Everything you need to know about cystitis

What is cystitis Cystitis is a urinary infection that affects the bladder and that in 85% of cases is caused by Escherichia Coli bacteria, although it can also be due to other germs such as fungi or viruses Two very common causes related to urine infection are having sexual intercourse (favours...
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The different uses of lubricants

Why use lubricant during sexual intercourse There are many benefits of using a lubricant during sexual intercourse However, sometimes they are not used because people don't know how they can be helpful in different situations It is therefore convenient to know about the different uses...
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Vulvar dryness

What is it and how do I treat it If you have ever had it, surely you have asked yourself these questions The main reason for vulvar dryness is the decrease in oestrogens, which is why it is usually associated with menopause Although in reality, more than half of women who have it are under 50...