Intimate Hygiene

The female intimate area has its own characteristics that make its care and hygiene different from other parts of the body. For this reason, it is very important that the hygiene practices used for the intimate area be appropriate to the stage in life, the pH and the specific needs of each woman. Find yours!

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Pediatrics Intimate Hygiene
Dermoprotective pediatric intimate hygiene with anti-scratch effect.
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Lubripiù Intimate Hygiene
Highly moisturizing Oleo Milk cleanser for intimate dryness.
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Daily Intimate Hygiene
Moisturizing dermo-protective cleansing gel.
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Deligyn Intimate Hygiene
Gentle cleansing gel for sensitive skin.
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Intimate Hygiene CLX
Gentle protective cleansing gel.
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Intimate Hygiene CLX Mousse
Cleansing mousse with protective action.
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Prebiotic Mousse Intimate Hygiene
Delicate cleansing mousse with prebiotics.
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Perianal Wipes
Soft and refreshing cleansing wipes.
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