Inflammation and discomfort

Infections and discomfort affect women of all ages and cause inflammation, itching, burning, abnormal discharge and even unpleasant odour. We recommend these intimate care products to prevent and treat any discomfort in your intimate area.

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CLX Vaginal Ovules
Vaginal ovules with protective, rebalancing, emollient and lubricating action.
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CLX Vaginal Douche
Cleansing and refreshing solution.
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External Moisturizer CLX
External genital moisturizing gel, with soothing, protective and rebalancing action.
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Intimate Hygiene CLX
Gentle protective cleansing gel.
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Intimate Hygiene CLX Mousse
Cleansing mousse with protective action.
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Prebiotic Vaginal Ovules
Vaginal ovules for the prevention of vaginosis and vaginitis.
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Prebiotic Mousse Intimate Hygiene
Delicate cleansing mousse with prebiotics.
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