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We offer effective and innovative solutions to improve your intimate well-being at every stage of your life. All our feminine care products are approved by gynaecologists and pharmacists.

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Braga menstrual
Sin costuras, cómodas y con 3 capas integradas que absorben, eliminan olores y te mantienen seca sin manchar.
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Hydra Spray
360º vulvar moisturising mist. Moisturises, refreshes and calms.
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Serotogyn Nocta
Dietary supplement with melatonin, hop extract, L-tryptophan, GABA, magnesium, vitamins B6 and D.
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Lubripiù Intimate Cream
Vulvar cream with prolonged hydrating and soothing action.
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Pediatrics Intimate Hygiene
Dermoprotective pediatric intimate hygiene with anti-scratch effect.
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Gineseda Vaginal Ovules
Vaginal ovules with protective, lubricant and emollient action.
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