Lubripiù Intimate Cream

Lubripiù Intimate Cream Vulvar cream with prolonged hydrating and soothing action.

Lubripiù Intimate Hygiene

Lubripiù Intimate Hygiene Highly moisturizing Oleo Milk cleanser for intimate dryness.

Daily Intimate Hygiene

Daily Intimate Hygiene Moisturizing dermo-protective cleansing gel.

Prebiotic Mousse Intimate Hygiene

Prebiotic Mousse Intimate Hygiene Delicate cleansing mousse with prebiotics.

Perianal Wipes

Perianal Wipes Soft and refreshing cleansing wipes.

Internal Moisturizer

Internal Moisturizer Gel-cream vaginal moisturizer.

External Moisturizer

External Moisturizer External genital moisturizing cream.


Mucus Intimate lubricant gel that favors sexual intercourse.


Ginesens Intimate warming gel lubricant.

Drenaqua Capsules

Drenaqua Capsules Food supplement based on magnesium, green tea, alpha-gluco-oligosaccharides and vitamin B6.

External Moisturizer CLX

External Moisturizer CLX External genital moisturizing gel, with soothing, protective and rebalancing action.

CLX Vaginal Ovules

CLX Vaginal Ovules Vaginal ovules with protective, rebalancing, emollient and lubricating action.