During pregnancy and in the postpartum phase, a woman’s body undergoes physical and hormonal changes. We offer products that will help you care for and protect your intimate area at this stage.

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Lubripiù Intimate Cream
Vulvar cream with prolonged hydrating and soothing action.
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Lubripiù Intimate Hygiene
Highly moisturizing Oleo Milk cleanser for intimate dryness.
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Internal Moisturizer
Gel-cream vaginal moisturizer.
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External Moisturizer
External genital moisturizing cream.
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Intimate lubricant gel that favors sexual intercourse.
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Intimate warming gel lubricant.
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Ginenatal Forte Capsules
Food supplement based on fish oil rich in EPA and DHA, with 10 vitamins and 6 minerals.
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CLX Vaginal Ovules
Vaginal ovules with protective, rebalancing, emollient and lubricating action.
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