How to choose the best intimate hygiene product

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Before we start, let’s answer the question we all have: why use a specific intimate hygiene product? The answer is simple. Sweat, vaginal, menstrual and urethral dirt that can accumulate in the vaginal area is made up of water and lipids. In order to remove these residues, we must use a specific hygiene product that is SYNDET or soap free, i.e. mild anionic detergents that will trap the dirt and isolate it and then remove it with water without damaging the fatty mantle that protects the skin.

People who use non-specific hygiene are not aware that they are using a soap that contains alkaline substances that alter the skin’s natural pH, which is more basic, so that they are eliminating the fatty mantle that protects the skin.

Tips for finding the right intimate hygiene

There is an intimate hygiene for every type of woman, but it is often difficult to know which one is best suited to our needs. Let us tell you about our intimate hygiene products and give you some tips to help you make the right choice.

At Cumlaude Lab, we have both daily and specific cleansing products. The daily ones, as their name suggests, are for daily use and the choice of one product or another will depend on the stage of life you are in:

  • Pediatrics Intimate Hygiene during infancy (1 year) until menstruation arrives, as with menstruation, the environment becomes acidic. It has a soothing, softening and moisturising formula thanks to active ingredients such as mallow, linden, calendula or peony extracts, which help prevent vulvar itching, burning or redness, as well as cleaning the area.
  • Daily Intimate Hygiene during the fertile period and pregnancy. It is a dermo-cleansing, moisturising and protective product, with an acid pH. Its formula combines lactic acid and hydrolysed hyaluronic acid. It is also the ideal hygiene product for cleaning cups and medical silicone devices such as Kegel balls and vibrators.
  • Deligyn Intimate Hygiene during the climacteric and menopause. It is a delicate and soothing product, with a neutral pH, which combines in its formulation a complex of natural extracts such as aloe vera, marshmallow and arnica montana. It will help to reduce irritation and control the odour of urine leakage. It is also useful in case of mucosal hypersensitivity or recurrent candidiasis.

In addition, we also have specific sanitary products to deal with specific discomforts or infections. In case of vulvar dryness, we recommend Lubripiù Intimate Hygiene as it is a very emollient product, with a milk-oil texture. Its formula contains hyaluronic acid and lactic acid so it will wash the intimate area without drying it out.

If you usually have infections or discomfort in the intimate area, your recommended hygiene product is CLX Intimate Hygiene or CLX Mousse Intimate Hygiene. Its balancing, refreshing and protective formula based on an active plant complex and softening extracts such as calendula, horsetail and centaurea, provides a cleansing and protective action, indicated in cases of vaginosis, vaginitis, cystitis, episiotomy care, after sex and sports and during menstruation.

Finally, if you suffer from recurrences, try Prebiotic Mousse Intimate Hygiene. It is a gentle cleanser in mousse format, enriched with prebiotics, lactic acid and provitamin B5, which will help rebalance the microbial flora.

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